Air Purifiers for Home

In today’s industrialized world the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food are all polluted. If you are living in a city, just step outside you will see motor vehicles polluting the air with harmful toxic particles. But what about the indoor air quality at our home? According to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA the indoor air can be more contaminated than the air outside. The poor quality of air at home can result in illness like allergies, asthma and other reparatory diseases. Hence it is absolutely necessary that you use a air purifier for home to clean the contaminated environment at home. If you are serious about the health of your family and yourself you should consider getting an air purifier for home as soon as possible.

Do I need an Air Purifier for Home?
My home is air conditioned; do I need an air purifier for home? Harmful particles come from everywhere, not just from the outside air. Do you know that your home furniture, carpets, rugs, kid’s toys, pets, washing and cleaning products can release contamination and chemicals in the room air at home? By using an air purifier in home, you can remove these harmful particles in order to have clean and fresh breathing air at home.

Benefits of Home Air Purifiers
Air purifier removes harmful particles from air to keep you healthy. Allergens and pollutants in the room air can cause trouble in breathing, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing. Kids and elderly people become vulnerable to common colds and other ailments frequently if the breathing air is contaminated. Dust particles in the air can set off asthma and allergies. Offensive odors in your home like tobacco, odors from cooking and pets can also be eliminated with the help of home air purifiers.

How Home Air Purifiers Work?
Air purifiers for home normally are equipped with filters or collector grids through which the air will be passed. Pollutants like dust particles, pet dander, molds, mildew, pollen and other harmful particles in the room air are caught by these filters. The HEPA filters in home air purifiers can clean up to 99.97% of the harmful particles in the air.

Types of Air Purifiers for Home
Before you go to air purifier shop or start looking for air purifier reviews it is important to identify the right type of air cleaner for your home. There are numerous brands and various types of air purifiers for home use. The brand and design are more of a personal choice. However you need know the method cleaning or the type of filter used in the device to ensure that the air cleaner of your choice is the best.
Ultraviolet Air Purifiers: UltraViolet air purifiers, offered by various brands such as AllerAir, BlueAir, Ionic Breeze etc utilize ultraviolet light to wipe out microbes such as molds, bacteria and viruses. However UV air purifiers cannot eliminate other pollutants from the air. Hence it is not recommended unless you are planning to use this in conjunction with other type of air purifiers.
Ionic Air Cleaners: An ion generator in this type of air purifiers produce electrically charged particles which binds them together to form larger particles. The dust collector plate will collect such large particles which you can dispose later. However if the air purifier is not equipped with the dust collector, the large dust particles will fall on the floor or stick to furniture and wall which you may have to clean again.
HEPA Air purifiers: This is so far the best type of air purifier. High Efficiency Particle Arrestor or HEPA filters can eliminate up to 99.97% of air impurities. HEPA air purifiers can filter out dust particles and microorganisms as small as 0.3 microns which means that you are safe from contracting allergies and asthma attacks cased by air pollution. We recommend HEPA air purifier for home as the best choice.

Summary: Air purifiers protect your family from ailments, keep your healthy and eliminate bad odor from home to produce clean and fresh atmosphere at home. There are numerous affordable air purifiers for home available in the market. Go through our HEPA air purifier reviews and select the best air purifier for home today.

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